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01Sports osteopathy treatment

The different osteopathy articular techniques, muscular stretching and massage, provides health, balance and performance to the athlete.

Articular unblocking

Acts upon bones, muscles and articulations. Allows unblocking and return of articular mobility.

Muscular stretching

Stretching and light movements of the different muscular structures  permits elasticity and proper functioning of muscles and help prevent and cure sports injuries.


The different sports massage techniques tone muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and improve the muscular health of the athlete.


The elderly

01Osteotherapy treatment for the elderly

The later years of life is when the wearing down of the body structures most often manifests itself, and pain is a clear symptom of this.

The different techniques applied to the elderly permits articular unblocking, alleviates pain and provides balance in order to achieve better quality of life.

Pregnent women

01Osteopathic treatment for pregnent women

Light movements made upon the body of the pregnant patient, in the preparation period previous to the birth as well as the postpartum period, turn this treatment into an essential therapy and a great aid in recovering the articular mobility lost and the overall health of the woman.


01Osteopathic treatment for children

Osteopathic treatment allows for the use of a large variety of techniques adequate to the age of the child and help the proper growth of the body structures all throughout their development.

Day to day

01Osteopathic treatment for day to day

The current style and demands of life bring about structural and emotional impacts that effect the balance of our bodies.

The large variety of techniques that osteopathy treatment applies makes it possible to reach the different groups  (construction workers, carpenters, administrative assistants, teachers, business professionals, cleaning personnel, commercial representatives, etc. ),  and it helps lighten the load of their everyday work.

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