The appropriate treatment

for your ailments

01Structural Osteopathy

Acts on bones, muscles and articulations. Permits the unblocking and return of articular mobility.

Solutions and Benefits:

Pain, Arthrosis, Arthritis, Acute or chroniclumbalgia, Dorsalgia, Cervicalgia (cervical pain), Sciatica, Muscular Contractures, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Shoulder Ache, Tendinitis, Sprain…

02Cranial Osteopathy

Light movements upon the cranial structure permits the rebalancing of the nervous and hormonal systems, which are two major systems that  govern the proper functioning of the body.

Solutions and benefits:

Anxiety, Apathy (lack of interest), Head ache, Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Fear, Migraine, Vertigo, Dizziness, Sinusitis, TMA problems (jaw)…

03Visceral Osteopathy

Permits rebalancing of internal organ functions.

Visceral treatment has surprising effects on problems of the back, shoulders, hips, legs, migraine, vertigo… An articular problem can originate in an organ.

Solutions and benefits:

Amplification and respiratory capacity, Facilitates bowel movements: constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal inflammation, Permits emptying of gallbladder, Improves blood and lymphatic circulation (pelvic and leg disorders), Mechanically caused inflammation of the bladder, Menstrual disorders, Apoptosis (descent of organs)…

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